Smart Contracts


Smart contracts

Smart Contracts provide an efficient way to track your investment in climate change in a transparent and measurable way. By digitising carbon offsets and creating Creturner’s CO2 Smart Contract, access and accessibility to the market is increased. Smart Contracts allow carbon offsets to be digitised, thereby increasing the market for carbon offsets. There are a number of additional benefits for the owner of the Smart Contract.

Creturner creates a more open and verifiable record of the climate offset, securely stored in a distributed ledger, a so-called “Distributed Ledger Technology” Neuro-Ledger™, which prevents double accounting and enables the use of legally verifiable Smart Contracts in combination with digitally secured identities according to IEEE P1451.99.

The owner of the Smart Contract receives additional benefits, such as access to information outside the process through connected IOT sensors, allowing investors to transparently track the process in detail. Each Smart Contract is unique and can be verified by an independent third party and digitally “stamped” with the audit trail. Owners of Smart Contracts receive financial returns from a Yield Fund, with regular returns based on the total fund value created by buyers of Smart Contracts collectively. The owner of the Smart Contract thus receives a financial return that increases over time. The cost of carbon offsets becomes an investment and an asset, both financially and environmentally.


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