Fast Carbon Returner

Charing of bio mass using state of the art equipment eco friendly industrial process

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Creturner creates a fast, exact and permanent solution to eliminate CO2. The method is called Bio-CCS and is a modern scalable solution to a global problem. The elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere are creating increasingly acute problems such as extreme weather with storms, droughts, torrential rains and floods. Bio-CCS is a fast, exact and permanent way to eliminate carbon from the climate cycle. The delivery of a real climate compensation is carried out to customers, wherever they are in the world, with a certificate proving the elimination.

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Why Creturner ?

Our model of processed removal


24 hours for removal of 83 tonnes CO2


Our method is accurate and measurable


CO2 is permanently bound in the ground


Creturner delievers a premium solution

Standard model of tree plantation


20 years of effect


Based on expectations


Over time returns


Our Method


We dry the biomass with environmentally friendly energy (solar energy). Biomass - is all material that is organic - we choose to process wood waste such as stumps and residual products. Materials that pose a cost or problem to others.


We convert biomass into pure coal through pyrolysis, which means heating the biomass to a high temperature in an oxygen-free environment so that it decomposes without combustion. Creturner has created an industrial process that converts residual biomass into carbon. The result occurs the fast process runs around the clock. The result is exact - we know exactly how much CO2 we remove.


We crush the coal and mix it with water, then a fluid mass is created. For this we have specialized equipment and appropriate knowledge.


In order to achieve permanent storage, we deposit the coal in old disused mine pits. Mine holes are deep, large and usually filled with water. By filling the mine with coal pulp, several environmental benefits are created. Local pollution in the mine hole is bound in the coal and improves the local environment for a long time. When the mine is filled, the opening is sealed and a permanent solution has been created - unlike other solutions based on planting forests, where it takes decades for the forest to grow up and begin to yield, the forest then has a life cycle, when it ends returns C02 to the atmosphere.



How much does it cost?

The cost is 75% of the European emissions trading system.

What do I get?

We remove the desired volume of CO2, as evidence for this you will receive a certificate.

Europe (€ per ton)

Europe (€ per ton)